Leah Torres

As a physician specializing in obstetrics and gynecology I have the unique honor and humble responsibility of addressing some of the most sensitive and intimate of topics in people’s lives. Not only do I take this aspect of my profession very seriously, but I have also made it a central focus of my practice. The society in which we live is so immensely Victorian even now that to speak of topics such as sex and sexuality is crippling for most people.

I intend to change that. One of my main career goals is empowering people, particularly young adolescents, to speak freely and openly about sex and sexuality while educating them regarding safe sexual health practices. Not talking about sex doesn’t mean it won’t happen– it means it won’t happen safely. I strongly believe that educating young people regarding their bodies, sexualities, relationships and sexual health practices before they are taught to be afraid of these core components of human nature is imperative to reducing the rates of sexually transmitted infections, unplanned pregnancy and abortion.